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IDC Future of Work Summit 2019


Welcome to the IDC Future of Work Knowledge Centre, where you'll find a range of documents, publications and resources that will prepare you for your attendance at the summit.

DXC Technology

THRIVE the Power of Change

Welcome to THRIVE: the digital destination for changemakers, forward thinkers and believers in innovation. Here you’ll find insights and inspiration from thought leaders at DXC Technology and across the tech industry who never stop thinking about new ways to help businesses like yours thrive through change.

Dell Technologies and VMware

Becoming "Future of Work" Ready: Follow the Leaders

The Future of Work is a business mandate. To survive, companies not only have to be digitally transformed but do so while embracing the Future of Work.


Building a Future of Work Strategy


How IOT sensors and smart building management will improve collaboration and wellness in meetings

Why do we need to be concerned about the temperature of our meeting spaces? Or the lighting?